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TenX Accuracy produces solid brass competition .50 projectiles in small quantities, with a critical eye towards quality and consistency. We are competitors ourselves, and understand the needs of other serious competitors. We are happy to announce we are taking orders. Please get in touch with us soon to get in on the winter production run. We will be producing these bullets during the winter months every year. If you would like some for the next year's shooting season, we will need to know that early this fall. The price will be $3.25 each in boxes of 25 ($81.25 per box).

RWS primers

We also import RWS primers and brass from Germany and Switzerland. Primers and brass for .50 are in stock.

Please contact us to order.

.50 projectile standing with a .308 Winchester cartridge

Our standard .50 projectile compared to a .308 Winchester cartridge.

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TenX: Precision .50 cal Competition Projectiles

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